September 24th, 2002

Английский троцкист об СССР

This book is an analysis of the economic system which was developed in the USSR after the "economic reforms" of 1965-66 - an analysis made on the basis of a mass of evidence taken almost exclusively from official Soviet economic journals.

Taking into account the virtual abolition of centralised economic planning, the introduction of profit as the regulator of production, the vesting of effective ownership and "hiring and firing" rights in industrial management, and the inequitable distribution of enterprise profit between managerial and shop floor personnel, the author reached the conclusion - as the title indicates - that by the 1970s the soviet economy had become essentially a restored capitalist system masquerading under red flags which are no longer appropriate.

(аннотация к книге THE RESTORATION OF CAPITALISM IN THE SOVIET UNION, By W. B. Bland, For the Communist League (Britain). Second Edition, 1995; First published Wembley 1980

Вот это критика! Что называется смотреть в корень.