June 15th, 2002

В КАТАЛОГ (межбиблиотечный абонемент, старый)

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Театр абсурда в Северном Афганистане

Afghanistan Aid Groups Ready to Quit


By Kathy Gannon
Associated Press Writer
Saturday, June 15, 2002; 12:34 PM

KABUL, Afghanistan –– International aid workers are threatening to leave northern Afghanistan after a female worker was gang raped, a clinic was attacked by gunmen, and a vehicle carrying food for the hungry was shot up, the United Nations said Saturday.

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All the incidents were reported to local authorities, who have refused to take action.

The three warlords who control that area are Gen. Rashid Dostum, currently deputy defense minister, Atta Mohammed, chief commander of the Northern Alliance forces, backed by the U.S., and Mohammed Mohaqik, a key Shiite leader. They are all currently attending the grand tribal council to choose a new government.

Brahimi met with the three men on Saturday.

The aid organizations operating in northern Afghanistan also plan to launch a campaign to let the people they are helping know that their assistance is in danger because of the escalating lawlessness and violence.

Совсем распустились

Уже сколько времени прошло - ни Псой не приезжает, ни Щербаков. Как будто здесь им не Вашингтон, а прямо не знаю что.

Забываются молодые люди, мышей не ловят.

Снова, значит, Путину писать будем.