June 6th, 2002

Реформа РАО ЕЭС в Афганистане

Сегодня утвердили три гранта Афганистану. Один из них - на реконструкцию инфраструктуры. В бумаге, помимо прочего, описывается печальное состояние электроэнергетики Афганистана. В общем, все понятно, хорошего, мягко говоря, маловато и т.д.

Но есть любопытная сноска про город Герат:

Herat city provides an interesting case of private sector participation in the power sector. The city's publicly owned generators have long since been destroyed, and its 6.0 kV system has been abandoned as a result. However, the city has about 80 privately owned, 50-125 kW, diesel generators, which feed into small area low voltage networks. Consumers, who must provide their own connections and meters, pay the city's MOP [Ministry of Power - Б.] Directorate, who in turn reimburses the owners of the generators according to their supplies. Based on monthly cost of diesel fuel, a delegation of the owners sets the domestic, shopkeepers' and commercial tariffs, in which the Directorate allows a reasonable profit.