January 24th, 2002


В то же время, отмечает Олег Вьюгин, главный экономист "Тройки-Диалог", уровень тарифов в долларовом эквиваленте все еще ниже докризисного, а значит в стратегическом плане их необходимо существенно повышать.


Working Paper No. 35, Vojtech Mastny: NATO in the Beholder's Eye: Soviet Perceptions and
Policies, 1949-56


Working Paper No. 34 Yang Kuisong: Changes in Mao Zedong's Attitude towards the Indochina War, 1949-1973

Bulletin 12/13 -- The End of the Cold War

  • New Evidence on the End of the Cold War
    • New Evidence on the Soviet Factor in the Peaceful Revolutions of 1989 By Vladislav M. Zubok
    • One the Eve: A Glimpse Inside the Politburo at the End of 1988
    • The Tbilisi Massacre, April 1989: Documents
    • Soviet Approaches to Eastern Europe at the Beginning of 1989 By Jacques Levesque
    • The Political Transition in Hungary, 1989-90 By Csaba Bekes and Melinda Kalmar
    • Hungarian Secret Police Memorandum, May 1989
    • Poland 1986-1989: From "Cooptation" to "Negotiated Revolution" By Pawl Machcewicz
    • The Fall of the Wall: The Unintended Dissolution of East Germany's Ruling Regime By Hans-Hermann Hertle
    • 1989: Bulgarian Transition to Pluralist Democracy By Jordan Baev
    • Czechoslovak November 1989 By Oldrich Tuma
      Czechoslovak Regime Documents on the Velvet Revolution
    • "We Are the Opponents of Violence ... We Want to Live as Dignifed and Free People"
    • The Last Days of a Dictator By Mircea Munteanu
    • At Historic Crossroads: Documents on the December 1989 Malta Summit
  • New Evidence on the Cold War in Asia
    • The Khrushchev-Mao Conversations, 31 July-3 August 1958 and 2 October 1959 By Vladislav M. Zubok
    • Le Duan and the Break with China Introduction by Stein Tonnesson
    • Document: "Comrade B on the Plot of the Reactionary Chinese Clique Against Vietnam. Translated and Annotated by Christopher E. Goscha
  • New Evidence on Cold War Military History
    • Planning for Nuclear War: The Czechoslovak War Plan of 1964 By Petr Lunak
      "Operation Atom" The Soviet Union's Stationing of Nuclear Missiles in the German Democratic Republic, 1959 By Matthias Uhl and Vladimir I. Ivkin
  • New Evidence on the Iran Crisis 1945-46
    • From the Baku Archives
  • New Evidence from the Former Yugoslav Archives
    • The Tito-Khrushchev Correspondence, 1954
  • Research Notes and Conference Reports
    • The Moldovan Communist Party Archives By Jim Hershberg
    • Moldova, Romania and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia By Mark Kramer
    • The Sino-Soviet Alliance: New Publications By David Wolf
    • Policymakers and the Cold War's End: Micro and Macro Assessments of Contingency By Richard K. Herrman and Richard Ned Lebow
    • Conference on Cold War Endgame By Fred I. Greenstein and William C. Wohlforth
    • New Evidence on China, Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War: Conference Report By Priscilla Roberts
    • Update on the Stasi Archives By Gary Bruce
    • Western Intelligence Gathering and the Division of German Science By Paul Maddrell
    • Letters to the Editor


Хорошая (то есть разгромная) рецензия на очередной вздор О.Ф.Соловьева про масонов.

Представляет особую ценность для уважаемого юзера yanа - а именно, познавательной цитатой из соловьевского труда:

Пеликан - большая перепончатолапая птица с длинным широким клювом и внутренней челюстной сумкой под ним для хранения пищи, преимущественно рыбной, которая там же переваривается и служит для кормления птенцов.