September 14th, 2001


Буш подписал разрешение на частичную мобилизацию резервистов

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush on Friday approved a Defense Department request to employ up to 50,000 U.S. reservists in military efforts expected to follow terror attacks on the United States, a White House official tells CNN.

Earlier, officials at the Pentagon said the Defense Department intended to seek authority to call up the reservists for "homeland defense."

The number would be drawn from all branches of the Reserve and National Guard armed forces, with the initial callup involving pilots and support for "strike-alert" operations.

Officials at the Pentagon also told CNN the callup would reinforce warplane patrols of American skies to defend military bases and any other possible targets against attack.


С одной стороны, наиболее детальное (из виденных) описание вчерашних арестов в аэропортах. Упоминаются ножи, арабское происхождение и т.д.

Armed suspects nabbed at N.Y. airports: SWAT team storms plane at JFK, stopping apparent hijack attempt

by Tom Farmer, Maggie Mulvihill and Jack Sullivan

Friday, September 14, 2001

A SWAT team stormed the first jetliner set to resume flying from John F. Kennedy Internatonal Airport in New York City yesterday and captured three armed foreign nationals authorities feared were launching a second wave of terrorist hijackings.
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С другой стороны, идут смягчающие сообщения, что как минимум некоторые задержанные оказались не причастны к террору.

JFK Detentions Described as 'Overreaction'

Dan Eggen and Peter Slevin

Washington Post Staff Writers

Friday, September 14, 2001; 10:10 AM

Authorities detained two groups at New York airports yesterday, fearing they intended to hijack a pair of jetliners and mount another suicidal terrorist strike on a U.S. target, government officials said.

By this morning, several federal officials said the detentions of 10 people at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports--which came after storming of the plane and the closing of the airports--appeared to have been an overreaction. A senior law enforcement official said most of the detained suspects had been released by early today.
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Имена угонщиков-террористов.

(CNN) -- CNN has learned from federal law enforcement sources the names used by 18 hijackers who authorities believe commandeered four commercial airliners on Tuesday in a coordinated attack on two renowned symbols of American power.


The suspected hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which hit the north tower of the World Trade Center, were Walid Al Shehri, Wail Alsheri aka Waleed Alsheri, Mohammad Atta, Aabdul Alomari and Satam Sugami.

Aboard United Airlines Flight 175, which hit the south tower of the World Trade Center, the suspected hijackers were Marawn Alshehhi, Fayez Ahmed, Mohald Alshehri, Hamza Al Ghamdi and Ahmed Al Ghamdi.

Those believed to be the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, were Khalid Almihdhar, Majed Moqued, Nawaf Al Hazmi and Salem Al Hazmi.

The suspected hijackers aboard United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in rural
Pennsylvania, were Ahmed Al Haznawi, Ahmed Alnami, Ziad Jarrah and Saeed

Spellings are as they appear on federal documents and may vary from other
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