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Миссия ОБСЕ о грузинских выборах - уже погодя

Из "Первого промежуточного послевыборного доклада" (Post-Election Interim Report 1) за 18 января (; судя по всему, когда-то воспоследует и окончательный доклад.

The IEOM observed the vote count and completion of results protocols at 180 PECs. A significant 23 per cent of counts observed were assessed as bad or very bad. Observers reported that in 8 per cent of counts observed, they had witnessed tampering with results protocols.
OSCE/ODIHR EOM observers described the tabulation process at the DEC level as slow, not very well organized, and often chaotic. In some DECs, they noted a tense atmosphere during tabulation. There were cases in which PEC protocols given to the OSCE/ODIHR EOM differed from those provided by DECs. For example, protocols provided by DECs for Batumi (PECs 11 and 73), Lentekhi (PEC 1), and Dmanisi (PEC 30) showed a significant increase of votes cast for Mr. Saakashvili.
A significant number of PECs reported unusually high turnout during the last three hours of voting. According to the information produced by the CEC shortly after election day and received by the OSCE/ODIHR EOM, at 79 polling stations, more than 500 voters cast their ballots during this period. For instance, in Marneuli, 866 people voted in PEC 50 during the last three hours, and 657 in PEC 1. In Sagarejo, 822 voters were processed by PEC 36 in the last three hours, and in Akhalkalaki, 879 by PEC 24. Based on more complete information drawn from protocols now posted on the CEC website, as of 17 January, the number of such polling stations now stands at 45.
Around 85,000 voters were added to additional voter lists on election day. As provided by law, some 930 PECs did not count ballots cast by these voters themselves and sent these ballots to the CEC, which on 7 January decided to count them. On 8 January, several groups composed of CEC members and staff started the count. The count took place in chaotic circumstances, and the counting groups did not apply uniform procedures, especially when deciding on ballot validity.

In this context, the OSCE/ODIHR EOM observers noted that a significant number of ballots from some PECs in certain DECs appeared to have been filled out in identical fashion, raising suspicion of wrongdoing. In such cases, numbers of all but one candidate on ballots had been circled, or all but one name had been crossed out identically. Such cases in which identical patterns of ballot marking were observed, were noted in DEC 6 (PECs 54 and 56, DEC 32 (PEC 81), DEC 60 (PEC 41), and DEC 61 (PEC 16). While some ballots completed in the above described manner were invalidated, in the majority of cases, these ballots were considered valid based on a new CEC ordinance “On identifying invalid ballot papers cast by voters added to the additional voter lists that are counted at CEC”, and adopted only after election day on 10 January. The ordinance offered a more liberal interpretation of ballot validity than that contained in the Electoral Code.
The OSCE/ODIHR EOM received accounts that law enforcement bodies, local administration and courts actively discouraged observers and opposition supporters not to file complaints or suggested to withdraw them.
Такие дела (© repressiiZhertva repressij).

Апдейт: Выложен и окончательный доклад -

Апдейт 2: линки, похоже, устарели; все материалы по этим выборам лежат на странице

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