Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Как восточные немцы научили западных правильной жизни

In Germany, right turns on red are permitted when a specific sign is present. This rule was first introduced in 1978 in the German Democratic Republic and was originally supposed to become obsolete together with the East German highway code by the end of 1990, following German reunification. However, authorities were unable to remove the signs in time, and public opinion caused them to leave the regulation untouched, even extending its scope to the former areas of West Germany in 1994. By 1999, there were a mere 300 turn-on-red intersections in West Germany while East Germany featured 2,500; the numbers in West Germany have risen considerably since then, though, and as of 2002 a total of 5,000 turn-on-red intersections were counted, with 48% in West Germany.

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