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911 - Блэр еще раз "доказывает" вину бен Ладена

Блэр, как отмечено в статье, has functioned as the chief prosecutor for the U.S.-led anti-terrorism coalition. Как "доказательство" используется видеозапись, на которой Ладен якобы приветствует удар по ВТЦ и объявляет, что он этот удар instigated. При этом англичане признают, что do not have a copy of the video but received information about it from intelligence sources. Что, конечно, никакой роли не играет - призыв к насилию и одобрение насилия не есть организация акта насилия. В противном случае придется бомбить и ловить Вербицкого с Прохановым.

Использование такого нелепого "доказательства" только ослабляет аргументацию в глазах рассуждающих наблюдателей. Хотя и укрепляет в глазах того пипла, который, как известно пиарщикам, хавает...


Tape Proves Bin Laden Is Guilty, Britain Says

By T.R. Reid
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, November 15, 2001; Page A29

LONDON, Nov. 14 -- In a videotape made last month, Osama bin Laden declared that his al Qaeda network "instigated" the Sept. 11 attacks, the British government said today. It quoted bin Laden as saying that "if avenging the killing of our people is terrorism, let history be a witness that we are terrorists."

Bin Laden made the video on Oct. 20 for distribution among al Qaeda members, Prime Minister Tony Blair said today in an address to Parliament. On the tape, according to a British government document, an interviewer asked bin Laden about the attacks on New York and Washington, and the Saudi exile replied: "It is what we instigated, for a while, in self-defense. And it was revenge for our people killed in Palestine and Iraq.

"Bush and Blair . . . don't understand any language but the language of force," bin Laden said, according to Blair. "Every time they kill us, we will kill them, so the balance of terror can be achieved."

British officials did not release a full transcript of the video, saying they do not have a copy of the video but received information about it from intelligence sources.

Blair cited the video as he set out his case against bin Laden. Expanding on evidence that he issued Oct. 4, Blair said today that "there is no doubt whatever of the guilt of bin Laden and his associates."

Since Sept. 11, the U.S. government also has blamed bin Laden for the attacks but has not released evidence showing that he directly planned or ordered them. In various videotaped statements that have been broadcast internationally, bin Laden has not claimed direct responsibility.

While bin Laden's involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks has not been widely questioned in the United States, there is an undercurrent of opinion among many Muslims that the multimillionaire may have been set up as a scapegoat by Washington and London.

In an opinion poll published today by the British company ICM, 500 Muslims across Britain were asked whether they believed that bin Laden was guilty of organizing the attacks. Twenty-one percent said yes, while 67 percent said no.

In an attempt to counter such skepticism, Blair has functioned as the chief prosecutor for the U.S.-led anti-terrorism coalition, often releasing more details than have U.S. officials. Today's statement was put out not only in English, but also in Arabic and Urdu, the main language of Pakistan.

In his Oct. 4 statement, Blair said Western governments have proof that bin Laden indicated shortly before Sept. 11 that he was preparing "a major attack on America," that he ordered associates around the world to return to Afghanistan by Sept. 10, and that one of his top lieutenants admitted the bin Laden organization was responsible for the suicide attacks.

British officials have given few details on how such information was obtained, generally attributing it to intelligence sources.

According to Blair, bin Laden, in the video, described the Sept. 11 attacks as "good terrorism."

"The bad terror is what America and Israel are practicing against our people," bin Laden is quoted as saying. "What we are practicing is the good terror that will stop them doing what they are doing.

"The battle has been moved inside America, and we shall continue until we win this battle, or die in the cause and meet our maker."

In making his case today, Blair also said that intelligence sources have linked most of the 19 men identified as Sept. 11 hijackers to al Qaeda. In his Oct. 4 statement, Blair had said there were clear connections between the organization and "at least three" of the hijackers.

A British government statement released today also said that a senior bin Laden associate admitted Oct. 4 that he had trained some of the hijackers in Afghanistan.

London's Sunday Telegraph newspaper also cited the new bin Laden video in this week's edition, reporting that in the video bin Laden offered a justification for the attack on the World Trade Center.

"The twin towers were legitimate targets, they were supporting U.S. economic power," the newspaper quoted bin Laden as saying. "What was destroyed were not only the towers, but the towers of morale in that country. The towers were supposed to be filled with supporters of the economical powers of the United States who are abusing the world. We are treating them like they treated us."

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