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wikipedia hopping

Интересно, неужели еще не придуман специальный термин для "прогулок" по википедии? Увлекательнейшее же занятие. Заходишь посмотреть какую-то статью, по ходу дела заглядываешь на другие статьи, залинкованные в первой, то и дело натыкаешься на посторонние, но зато интересные вещи.

Вот, например, на днях случайно обнаружил вот такое про широкую и красивую, но ничем, казалось бы, не выделяющуюся из общего ряда, реку Саскеханна, которую пересекают все, едущие из Вашингтона в Нью-Йорк (и даже едущие обратно!):

Geologically, the river is extremely ancient, often regarded as the oldest or second oldest major system in the world. It is far older than the mountains through which it turns - the flow of the ancient Susquehanna was so strong that it was able to cut through the mountains even as they were forming from the collision of Africa and North America some 300 million years ago. Remarkably, the river's age means that it actually predates the Atlantic Ocean.

А оттуда меня как-то занесло на статью про касаток, где можно прочитать множество удивительных историй.

И о том, как касатки охотятся на сельдей карусельным методом:

While salmon are usually hunted by a single orca or a small group of individuals, herring are often caught using carousel feeding: the orcas force the herring into a tight ball by releasing bursts of bubbles or flashing their white undersides. The orcas then slap the ball with their tail flukes, either stunning or killing up to 10-15 herring with a successful slap. The herring are then eaten one at a time. Carousel feeding has only been documented in the Norwegian orca population and with some oceanic dolphin species.

И о том, как они смывают тюленей с льдин с помощью искусственных волн:

Orcas will spy-hop to locate seals resting on ice floes, and then create a waves, known as wave-hunting, by swimming together in groups to wash over the floe, causing the seal to be thrown into the water where a second orca waits to kill it. This behavior has only been recorded a few times and it is not known how often it occurs. The most recent recorded instance in April 2006 ended with the group of orcas actually returning the seal to the ice floe once they had shown the younger animals how to properly perform the technique.

Вики-хоппинг - лучший отдых!

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