Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Тайная правда о еврейской эмиграции в Америку из царской России

На сайте библиотеки конгресса выложен памфлет некоего Патрика Кука "Our misunderstanding concerning the Jews; an article on the political aspect of the Jewish question in the United States" (1908) -

Оказывается, евреи ехали в Америку не просто так, а в рамках специального плана русского правительства, с целью обеспечить последнему разнообразные выгоды:

"What is the secret of the success of the Polish and Russian Jew over any other Jew, in New York? - The jealousies of the different monarchies are such that the balance of power must not be endangered; and it is better secured when all of them entrust their interests to the rich Polish Jew in New York, rather than the rich German Jew or the rich English Jew in New York - that is evidently the real secret of it."

Еще там предлагается решение расового вопроса, а также объяснение, почему это решение встречает препятствия:

"I do confess that there are certain races which, in my opinion, should be, not only allowed, but encouraged to become extinct: and the negro race is one of them. But I most heartily disapprove of any unfair discrimination or abuses - especially of individuals. I maintain that the laws of every State in this Union should encourage intermarriage of all races in this country; especially the negro and Indian, with the white races; and that the gradual extinction of such races should be accomplished in an orderly legal way, by taxing an excess of births in the full blood. I think it must be admitted that the propostion I make is the best for the negro, and all concerned; and, for tliat reason, every influence that the spirit and power of foreign Absolutism in the politics of this country can conmand, will be brought to bear against it; in fact, knowing well the logic, political wisdom, and Christian righteousness of it, that spirit has already intrenched itself in opposition to it. In many of the States, laws are enacted against the marriage of negroes, Indians, etc., with the "whites": it is the interests of foreign Absolutism that is responsible for these laws. The object is to keep alive conditions that will be a perpetual menace to the public peace and security. Of course it would be illogical to hold any man, or any legislature, - particularly in a Republic - wholly responsible for such laws. Laws of this kind, are always the work of organized conspiracy which never comes to the light; and can never be brought to the light by anything but another conspiracy, organized against it."

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