Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

В КАТАЛОГ (Second Story Books, Parklawn Drive)

  1. *** Walter Mckenzie Pintner "Russian Economic Policy under Nicholas I" Cornell University Press. 1967
  2. Jeremiah Schneiderman "Sergei Zubatov and Revolutionary Marxism. The Struggle for the Working Class in Tsarist Russia" Cornell University Press. 1970
  3. Robert W.Thurston "Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia 1934-1941" Yale University Press. 1996
  4. John P.McKay "Pioneers for Profit. Foreign Entrepreneurship and Russian Industrialization 1885-1913" University of Chicago Press. 1970
  5. El Campesion (Valentin Gonzalez) and Julian Gorkin "Life and Death in Soviet Russia" G.P.Putnam's Sons. 1952
  6. William Appleman Williams "American Russian Relations 1781-1947" Rinehart & Co., Inc. 1952
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