Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Питер Бауэр

Если кто-то из живущих ныне экономистов и заслуживает нобелевки - то это Питер Бауэр -

При этом невнимание к его работам стоило миру не одну сотню миллиардов долларов. Без преувеличений. За последние лет двадцать-тридцать это невнимание было, возможно, самой грандиозной растратой ресурсов.

Не случайно в сети его работ нет - во всяком случае, я не нашел.

Попробую навыдергивать цитат для памяти.

In statistics of national income the birth of a calf represents an increase in living standards but the birth of a child represents a fall.
If population increases faster in poor than in rich countries, per capita income may fall in the world as a whole even if it has increased in every single country rich or poor.
It is foreign aid <... > that has brought into existence the Third World (also called the South), and which thus underlies the so-called North-South dialogue or confrontation. Foreign aid is the source of the North-South conflict, not its solution.
It should not be surprising that attempts at organizing economic cooperation within the Third Word have failed - except for cooperation for collective bargaining with the West; and even this is usually organized and financed by the West.
To have brought about the Third World has been the most important and far-reaching result of foreign aid. <...> The West has created an entity hostile to itself - this is the biggest and most intriguing of the many anomalies of aid.
There is, in fact, a curious contrast between the market order and the socialist or communist system. The market system delivers the goods people want, but those who make it work cannot readily explain why it does so. The socialist or communist system does not deliver the goods, but those who operate it can readily explain away its failure.


P.S. (22 апреля 2013 года).

Оказывается сайт "История экономической мысли" переехал. Его новый адрес -

Соответственно, страница про Бауэра на этом сайте -

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