Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

В КАТАЛОГ (межбиблиотечный абонемент)

  1. Robert H.G.Lee "The Manchurian Frontier in Ch'ing History" Harvard University Press. 1970
  2. Fred W.Bergholz "The Partition of the Steppe. The Struggle of the Russians, Manchus, and the Zhunghar Mongols for Empire in Central Asia, 1619-1758" Peter Lang. 1993
  3. Peter S.H.Tang "Russian and Soviet Policy in Manchuria and Outer Mongolia, 1911-1931" Duke University Press. 1959
  4. "Bolshevik Activities in China. Some Documents seized in the Soviet Military Attaches Office at Peking on April 6, 1927" Supplement to the Peking & Tientsin Times. May 12th, 1927
  5. N.Mitarevsky "World Wide Soviet Plots. As disclosed by hitherto unpublished documents seized at the USSSR Embassy in Peking" Tientsin Press. 1927
  6. Ю.Шаповал "Людина i система. Штрихи до портрету тоталитарноi доби в Украiнi" Киев. 1994
Tags: каталог
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