Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Global parasites

Global parasites
By Tim Wood
02 Jan 2005 at 05:14 PM

None dare call the NGOs on grief-relief sorts what they really are for fear of losing out on some of the perks. Here's an eye-opening contribution to Roger L. Simon's blog from an Afghan aid worker:

"My experience with the UN over the past 18 years is in Afghanistan. Here's what I've seen since 9/11...sorry for the garritous length.

Throughout the globe the cynical Eurotrash love to put on a screaming show of concern at the use of US power to free those struggling under tyranny; yet before we even finish mopping up, their aid brigades are all in line for the first flights into these newly freed countries with greedy hands out for aid contracts. It's all about the benjamins. And, of course, the opportunity to spread its propaganda and bring one more servile country under the control of the European-dominated UN.

An enormous and highly profitable international aid apparatus has assembled in Kabul and has largely ignored the input of the Afghan people or their largely American liberators; the latter stand by in disbelief as taxpayers contributions to Afghanistan disappear into outfitting the extravagant needs of European aid community. The UN pays $400 a day (more than a year’s pay for an average Afghan ) plus a generous per diem. This enormous aid infestation has fostered rightful resentment. The UN and associated NGOs ran through years of aid funding in a matter of months. Now when money cannot be found for reconstruction, the UN issues reports criticizing the parsimonious Americans. Meanwhile, the UN and NGOs live like pashas. Hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for Afghans have been transformed into fleets of top-of the-line Toyota Landcruisers, villas and estates to house their workers complete with swimming pools, an endless supply of underpaid servants, luxurious furnishings (accented with looted antiquities,) the latest laptops, video equipment, cases of Johnny Walker Blue and the bling bling ...perks that might even seem excessive to Ken Lay are justifiable expenses charged off to the US. No accountability, no oversight. They don’t bother cooking the books, they don’t even keep the books!

Afghan citizens fear that vocal objections to this patronizing treatment will result in economic reprisals by the UN. They’ve looked to the Americans and ISAAF to clean up the mess to no avail. Rents have skyrocked for the Kabulis as every decent habitat in the city has been purchased by NGOs at ten times its face value. Many citizens now find their new landlords are NGOs! Everywhere in that country this toxic scenario is daily repeated--the condescending class of chauffered Eurotrash grief-relief workers are now hated and despised as the new Toyota Taliban.

But the UN isn't just a scandalously incompetent, money-grubbing shakedown racket. It gets worse...the UN has assembled a large, personal security force (yes, it has its own legion of armed thugs) drawn from the ranks of the most feared and criminal elements in the security ministries—many of whom have long and continuing records of torture and murder. (Helpful for keeping local complaints to a minimum and nosy reporters from asking too many questions.) What puzzles the Afghans is that the UN catastrophe seems to be endorsed—at least implicitly—by the Americans, who still remain the most visible and powerful force for a free and democratic Afghanistan. They’ve just lost hope that Americans will free them now from the UN." - коммент из треда  найденного благодаря

О том же -

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