Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Dallin и Stampfer

Hermann Lutz "German-French unity: basis for European peace" - page 235

Louis Paul Lochner "Tycoons and tyrant: German industry from Hitler to Adenauer" - page 12

Hajo Holborn, Ralph Manheim "Republic to Reich: the making of the Nazi revolution; ten essays" - page 68

William Harvey Maehl "The German socialist party: champion of the first republic, 1918-1933" - page 205

Carl Landauer "European Socialism: The socialist struggle against capitalism and totalitarianism" - page 1505

"European socialism: a history of ideas and movements from the industrial revolution to Hitler's seizure of power, Volume 2" - page 1505-1506

Baron Max Beloff Beloff "The foreign policy of Soviet Russia, 1929-1941, Volume 1" - page 66

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