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БОНИ - типичный пример подтасовок и лжи

The most prominent recent case involved the Bank of New York, through which $7 billion was laundered by way of an account belonging to Benex, a company linked with a purported Russian mobster. One of the bank's vice-presidents pleaded guilty to money laundering, but the bank itself was not accused of wrongdoing (New York Times, September 5, 1999, 3-1).

Peter Reuter and Edwin M. Truman "Chasing Dirty Money: The Fight Against Money Laundering"
November 2004 • 248 pp. ISBN paper 978-0-88132-370-2 • $23.95
chapter 6 -

$7 billion of Russian funds were washed through the Bank of New York until 1999 (Reuter and Truman, 2004).

Előd Takáts "A Theory of “Crying Wolf”: The Economics of Money Laundering Enforcement". IMF Working Paper WP/07/81, April 2007 -
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