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канадские диссертации

Kari MacKillop "The impact of the Kosovo crisis on Russian foreign policy"

Jan Moira MacQuarrie "Russia's wars in Chechnya: insights from prospect theory"

Alexandre Drojjine "Economic news from Russia in the Washington Post and the Ottawa Citizen: a comparative analysis"

Olgica Zingg "The role of Lomonosov in the formation of the early modern Russian literary language"

Tekla Sylvia Doris Price "The vice sultan: A. Henry Layard, Ambassador to Constantinople, 1877-1880"

Torie E. Carlson "Families in transition: Russia's children and psychosocial well-being"

Catherine Baird "The third way: Russia's religious philosophers in the West, 1917-1996"

Elizabeth Zimnica "Making history: Poland at the 1939 World's Fair in New York"

Pamela A. Jordan "Russian advocates in a post-Soviet world: the struggle for professional identity and efforts to redefine legal services"

Boris Bohuslawsky "Holie as a horse: English travellers and the representation of Russian Orthodoxy, 1553-1614"

Nebojsa Bjelakovic "The foreign policy debate in Russia of the 1990s: an analysis of Russian security discourse"

Alex Levant "The Soviet Union in ruins"

Gary N.Wilson "Crude federalism: oil politics and the evolution of intergovernmental relations in post-Soviet Russia"

Dave Betz "The new Russian military"

Gregory L. O'Hayon "The post-Westphalian state in transition: a case study ; transnational organized crime and Russia's mafiya"

Larissa O. Horne "On the brink of the abyss: the German focus of Russian official ideology, 1890-1914"

Todd S. Foglesong "The politics of judicial independence and the administration of criminal justice in Soviet Russia, 1982-1992"

Hong-kuan Jiang "Borders, boundaries and connection: the political economy of transborder cooperation in northeast Asia"

Susan Decker "Post-Soviet political processes: the case of the federation council"

Colin Peter Neufeldt "The fate of Mennonites in Ukraine and the Crimea during Soviet collectivization and the famine: 1930-1933"

Philip Harttrup "Nikolai Gogol and the medieval orthodox Slavic world-view"

Helene Sarah Friesen "Treasured schooldays: the Mennonite Mдdchenschulen in the Russian Empire, 1874-1920"

David James Townsend "Electoral and party systems in post-Communist Russia"

Lee-Ann Small "Getting to the heart of agriculture: an inductive case study of social and agricultural linkages in Dmitrov Rayon, Russia"

Robert J. Sawatzky "A comparison of the Mennonite and Doukhobor emigrations from Russia to Canada, 1870-1920"

Mikhail A. Molchanov "Poltical culture and nationality in Russian-Ukrainian relations"

John F. Young "Local government and the Russian state: the quest for local self-government and the organization of power"

Talin Rosemary Yeremian "Russia's relations with the CIS states in the context of NATO expansion, 1991-1998: a complex relations approach"

Kari L. Jobin "Facing both ways: an analysis of Soviet and Russian foreign policy toward the United States, 1985-1997"

G. Bruce Strang "In dubious battle: Mussolini's mentalite and Italian foreign policy, 1936-1939"

Brett Thomas Gore "Blitzkrieg under fire: German rearmament, total economic mobilization, and the myth of the Blitzkrieg Strategy, 1933-1942"

Noam Kochavi "A conflict perpetuated: American China policy during the Kennedy years"

Najma Waglay "John Stuart Mill on representative government"

Oliver Haller "From enmity towards alliance: the United States and German demilitarization, 1942-1947"

Janice Festa "Anschluss 1938: Austria's potential for military resistance"

Gregory Magas "Nazi crimes and German reactions: an analysis of reactions and attitudes within the German Resistance to the persecution of Jews in German-controlled lands, 1933-1944, with the focus on the writings of Carl Goerdeler, Ulrich von Hassell and Helmuth von Moltke"

Richard Steigmann-Gall "The holy Reich: religious dimensions of Nazi ideology, 1919-1945"

Paul Anthony Chastko "Not without a price: Mussolini's defense of Austria and the shaping of American foreign policy, 1933-1938"

Ellen Jean Thorne "Resistance in the Third Reich?: political dissent in Rottenburg Am Neckar, 1933-1938"

Sean Michael Kennedy "Reconciling the nation against democracy: the Croix de feu, the Parti social fran�ais and French politics, 1927-1945"

Shawn Joseph Crawford "The mouse that roared?: pro-Nazi resistance in U.S.-occupied Germany, 1945-1949: a view from the American archives"

Meir Amor "State persecution and vulnerability: a comparative historical analysis of violent ethnocentrism"

Neville Panthaki "The Reichsmark and the ruble: a study of two totalitarian systems and their economies in conflict"

Robert A. Ventresca "In God's country: state, society and democracy in the Italian election of 1948

Levine, Misha Boris, 1953-. The 1985 alcohol reform in the USSR: a case of rejected moral reform

Canefe, Nergis, 1967-. Sovereign utopias [microform] : civilisational boundaries of Greek and Turkish nationhood, 1821-1923.

Van Dyk, Stacey L. (Stacey Leanne), 1973-. Conflictual relations [microform] : explaining violence in ethnic secessionist movements

Ng, Kenny, 1974-. Entente rivalry in the Near East during the Great War [microform] : Anglo-French war aims from Salonica to Basra, 1914-1918.

Manojlovic, Violeta, 1970-. Defense of national interest and sovereignty [microform] : Serbian government policy in the Bosnian crisis, 1906-1909

Elmadani, Hasan, 1969-. The violent secession and the velvet divorce [microform] : Croatian and Slovak secessions in perspective

Guzina, Dejan, 1958-. Nationalism in the context of an illiberal multination state [microform] : the case of Serbia

Prusin, Alexander Victor, 1955-. War and nationality conflict in eastern Galicia, 1914-1920 [microform] : the evolution of modern anti-Semitism

Plach, Eva, 1969-. The clash of moral nations [microform] : imponderabilia in the Second Polish Republic, 1926-1935

Wittmann, Rebecca Elizabeth, 1970-. Holocaust on trial? [microform] : the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 1963-1965 in historical perspective

Hamilton, Paul Hunter, 1965-. The limits and potential of civic nationalism [microform] : the case of the Scottish National Party

Scheving Thorsteinsson, Astridur, 1970-. State aid to airlines

Al-hijazi, Yahya Z. D., 1973-. The conflicting interests [microform]: the Warsaw system crisis

Meehan, John David, 1967-. From ally to menace [microform] : Canadian attitudes and policies toward Japanese imperialism, 1929-1939

Papazian, Lalig, 1964-. Nationalism and militarized crisis [microform] : the case of Nagorno-Karabagh

Gavrielides, Stala M. (Stala Marie), 1968-. Kurdish ethnonationalism [microform]: a threat to Turkish security

Hunter, D. Brian, 1966-. A chronicle of dependence [microform] : Cuba from the rise of sugar until the failure of the ten million Ton Zafra of 1970

Pesik, Richard, 1957-. Charter 77 [microform] : its struggle, problems and accomplishments

Van der Meer, Peter William, 1969-. Bismarck's dilemma [microform] : German foreign policy from 1870 to 1882

Lukasik, Sebastian Hubert, 1974-. A war within a war [microform] : the influence of Balkan irredentism on British strategy in south-eastern Europe, 1914-1918

Zienius, Charles Raymond, 1972-. The secret mission of Noel Buxton to Bulgaria, September, 1914-January, 1915

Miller, Dawn Marie, 1954-. Italy through the looking glass [microform] : aspects of British policy and intelligence concerning Italy, 1939-1941

Maertens, Marco Peter, 1971-. European integration and sub-state nationalism [microform] : Flanders, Scotland, and the Eu

Keeley, Thomas Norman, 1973-. Blackshirts torn [microform] : inside the British Union of Fascists, 1932-1940

Yawnghwe, Chao-Tzang, 1939-. The politics of authoritarianism [microform] : the state and political soldiers in Burma, Indonesia, and Thailand
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