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канадские диссертации онлайн

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серч на "сталин"

серч на "russua"

в том числе (малая толика)

*MacKillop, Kari, 1976-
      TITLE(S):  The impact of the Kosovo crisis on                    Russian foreign policy

        NAME(S): *MacQuarrie, Jan Moira, 1976-
      TITLE(S):  Russia's wars in Chechnya [microform] :
                  insights from prospect theory

        Drojjine, Alexandre, 1972-. Economic news from Russia in the Washington Post and the Ottawa Citizen [microform] : a comparative analysis.

Zingg, Olgica, 1950-. The role of Lomonosov in the formation of the early modern Russian literary language [microform].

        Price, Tekla Sylvia Doris, 1944-. The vice sultan [microform] : A. Henry Layard, Ambassador to Constantinople, 1877-1880.

        Borzecki, Jerzy, 1956-. Concepts of Belarus until 1918 [microform].

        Carlson, Torie E. (Torie Evan), 1969-. Families in transition [microform]: Russia's children and psychosocial well-being.

Baird, Catherine, 1966-. The third way [microform]: Russia's religious philosophers in the West, 1917-1996.

Zimnica, Elizabeth, 1973-. Making history [microform] : Poland at the 1939 World's Fair in New York.

Smith, Brenda Lynn, 1972-. The mammon of unrighteousness [microform] : Lord Curzon's perception of Russia. -

        Jordan, Pamela A., 1965-. Russian advocates in a post-Soviet world [microform] : the struggle for professional identity and efforts to redefine legal services.

Bohuslawsky, Boris. Holie as a horse [microform] : English travellers and the representation of Russian Orthodoxy, 1553-1614.

Bjelakovic, Nebojsa, 1964-. The foreign policy debate in Russia of the 1990s [microform] : an analysis of Russian security discourse.

Levant, Alex, 1971-. The Soviet Union in ruins [microform].

        Wilson, Gary N. (Gary Norman), 1967-. Crude federalism [microform] : oil politics and the evolution of intergovernmental relations in post-Soviet Russia.

        Betz, Dave, 1969-. The new Russian military [microform]. -

        Ekeltchik, Serguei, 1966-. History, culture, and nationhood under high Stalinism [microform] : Soviet Ukraine, 1939-1954.

O'Hayon, Gregory L. (Gregory Laurent), 1972-. The post-Westphalian state in transition [microform] : a case study ; transnational organized crime and Russia's mafiya. --

Horne, Larissa O., 1969-. On the brink of the abyss [microform] : the German focus of Russian official ideology, 1890-1914.

Foglesong, Todd S. (Todd Steven), 1964-. The politics of judicial independence and the administration of criminal justice in Soviet Russia, 1982-1992 [microform]. -

Jiang, Hong-kuan, 1956-. Borders, boundaries and connection [microform] : the political economy of transborder cooperation in northeast Asia. -

        Lapidus, Steven, 1966-. Kitaigorod [microform] : a profile of a Jewish shtetl in the Ukraine.

Statiev, Alexander, 1956-. Still our best allies [microform] : the Romanian Armed Forces in the interwar period and on the Eastern Front in 1941.

        Decker, Susan, 1971-. Post-Soviet political processes [microform] : the case of the federation council. -

        Johnson, Shawnessy Yevonne, 1972-. The Polish sickness and Franco-Soviet relations, 1934-1939 [microform].

        Neufeldt, Colin Peter, 1962-. The fate of Mennonites in Ukraine and the Crimea during Soviet collectivization and the famine [microform] : 1930-1933.

        Harttrup, Philip, 1961-. Nikolai Gogol and the medieval orthodox Slavic world-view [microform].

Friesen, Helene Sarah, 1951-. Treasured schooldays [microform] : the Mennonite Mдdchenschulen in the Russian Empire, 1874-1920. -

        Townsend, David James, 1970-. Electoral and party systems in post-Communist Russia [microform]. -

Small, Lee-Ann, 1972-. Getting to the heart of agriculture [microform] : an inductive case study of social and agricultural linkages in Dmitrov Rayon, Russia.

Sawatzky, Robert J. (Robert John), 1972-. A comparison of the Mennonite and Doukhobor emigrations from Russia to Canada, 1870-1920 [microform] / by Robert J. Sawatzky.

Molchanov, Mikhail A., 1961-. Poltical culture and nationality in Russian-Ukrainian relations [microform].

Young, John F., 1961-. Local government and the Russian state [microform] : the quest for local self-government and the organization of power.

Yeremian, T. Rosemary (Talin Rosemary), 1975-. Russia's relations with the CIS states in the context of NATO expansion, 1991-1998 [microform] : a complex relations approach.

Jobin, Kari L. (Kari Leighe), 1972-. Facing both ways [microform] : an analysis of Soviet and Russian foreign policy toward the United States, 1985-1997.
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